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Tag: Vitality

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Chinese Herbs Cured My Hemorrhoids

02:38 pm October 1, 2010

I found a statistic online that may give you pause: by age 50, one out of every two individuals will suffer from clinical hemorrhoids. Some will be asymptomatic – which is to say, not burdened by the condition through the suffering of symptoms. The... Read more »

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ALLEVIATING ARTHRITIS: Getting your pet up and running again

03:01 pm February 1, 2013

Many of us grew up believing that big swollen knuckles, a stiff achy body, pain “before the rain” and general malaise – typical symptoms of arthritis – are all part of the inevitable aging process. It doesn’t have to be so, though, for humans or for... Read more »

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The Benefits of Probiotics as Foundational Supplements

03:23 pm October 1, 2010

In recent years, probiotics have been drawing a great deal of attention, and for good reason. Research has shown that these friendly microorganisms, traditionally associated with improving digestion, offer many more health benefits than originally... Read more »

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Reparapet Helps Alleviate Pets’ Joint Pain and Inflammation

03:28 pm October 1, 2010

Just like humans, pets suffer from joint pain, inflammation and reduced mobility as they age. Pets, too, need natural and safe solutions to ensure their long term health and well being.

After working in the natural health industry for over 20 years,... Read more »

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STURDY BURDOCK - Potent Herbal Medicine Clears Inflammation

03:40 pm October 1, 2010

Burdock root has many important medicinal uses. First and foremost, it is an excellent depurative or detoxifying herb. As a result it benefits any chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. These include acne,... Read more »

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A New Model of Economics for the New Year - From Nobel Prize Winner Elinor Ostrom

02:57 pm December 1, 2010

“It is assumed that the momentum for change must come from outside the situation, rather than from the self-reflection and creativity of those within the situation to restructure their own patterns of interaction.” – From Elinor Ostrom’s speech... Read more »

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Shiitake Mushrooms: Champion of the Immune System

03:13 pm December 1, 2010

Lentinula Edodes is a mushroom native to East Asia, which is now cultivated worldwide for culinary and medicinal purposes. This mushroom is usually referred to as Shiitake, which is its Japanese common name, based upon the “Shii” tree that the... Read more »

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Recovery From Autism ~ A Success Story: Using Detoxification and Nutrition

03:31 pm December 1, 2010

(Editor’s Note: This article was first published in the March 2006 issue of Vitality. It has since been updated and expanded, and is being re-released here.)

As a conventional family doctor, I had many times felt helpless when attempting to... Read more »

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Homeopathic Alternatives to the Influenza Vaccine

03:41 pm December 1, 2011

With increased controversy surrounding the flu vaccine and its efficacy, more people are choosing to stay healthy using natural alternatives. Homeopathy is one outstanding option for safely and effectively preventing and treating the flu. With an... Read more »

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Spinal Decompression: Comprehensive Care for Back Pain

03:51 pm December 1, 2010

Back pain does not originate from a single cause – there are hundreds of causes, from simple sprain/strains to more complex biomechanical faults, spinal disc herniations, arthritis, fractures, or even cancer.

In some cases, back pain is... Read more »

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Acupuncture for Treating Fibromyalgia

04:01 pm December 1, 2010

Fibromyalgia has now been recognized as a distinct disease entity by the World Health Organization and the American College of Rheumatology, and more physicians and researchers have become interested in studying it.  In 1999, the American... Read more »

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The Essential Guide to Pet Safety During the Holiday Season

04:15 pm December 1, 2010

Many common foods, plants, and other things abundant in the home during the holidays are there because we delight in them. But what’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander. Here are some of the more common culprits to watch out for... Read more »

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Parenting and Spirituality

04:28 pm December 1, 2010

One of the highest goals we can pursue in this lifetime is to discover our true natures so fully that we never forget. The one mystical experience that is most helpful in achieving this transformation is a spiritual breakthrough traditionally... Read more »

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Tantalizing Tea Cuisine: Herbal Infusions Add a Splash of Excitement to Winter Meals

05:08 pm December 1, 2010

When I was a girl growing up in rural Muskoka, the world of tea was a relatively small one. In my grandmother’s pantry, there were two types of tea. One was declared ‘real’ tea, imported from China. The other type was known as ‘tisane’ or ‘herbal... Read more »

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News Briefs – December 2010

12:40 pm December 1, 2010


A new U.S. federal government study warns that the number of American adults with diabetes could double or triple by 2050 if current trends continue. Among the reasons provided for the projected steep rise are... Read more »

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Sacred Journeys – December 2010/January 2011

12:58 pm December 1, 2010

As we head into the close of this year, with its accompanying darkness in the northern hemisphere, we also move toward the rebirth of light at winter solstice. Just before the days become longer, we are acutely aware of the adjustments we have to... Read more »

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Reduce Your Holiday Anxiety with These Stress-Busting Strategies

01:05 pm December 1, 2010

As we move into December, many of you are probably noticing how much stress people seem to be carrying around. From personal lives, to business, to politics, the world around us is becoming one stressed-out mess. The Season of Light is upon us... Read more »

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Woodford Files – December 2010 / January 2011

01:09 pm December 1, 2010

What an exciting year this has been for Vitality. In 2010, our coverage spanned everything from the dangers of fluoride in drinking water, to the intelligent revolution of citizens saying no to corporate health care fraud, to the best natural... Read more »

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Ice Cream!

01:16 pm December 1, 2010

Want to know what is really great about the cold weather of winter? Ice Cream! For you softies who live in the city all year long, ice cream may not be what you think of when it is minus 25 outside. But here in the bush, life is tough. We can... Read more »

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Canadians Champion the Charter of Health Freedom To Preserve Access to Natural Health Products

01:37 pm September 1, 2010

I recently participated in a panel discussion at a Toronto health show with Michael Schmidt, the farmer who has stood up for our right to have access to raw milk. He said that we have to collectively start saying “no” to bureaucrats who are... Read more »

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